Potassium hydroxide



Two ways of adding potassium to your system:

  • Applying Foliarly (Mixed with water and sprayed over plants as a basic pesticide torepel aphids, beetles and other undesirable insects)
  • Adding directly to your system solution
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Potassium hydroxide

Potassium is a simple, soluble element, important for plants as well as animals. In fact, practically every living thing needs potassium to survive.

Plants use potassium in four important ways:

  • Gas exchange – (Allowing plants to open tiny ports “holes” in the surface of the leaves to allow gas to enter and exit the plant)
  • Signaling – (Plants uses potassium to communicate between the different cells and parts of the plant. Coordinating growth, reproduction and defenses to diseases and pest)
  • Building proteins – (Potassium is important building proteins, which is very important for plant survival.
  • Water movement – (Control the osmotic potential of plant cells – Allows the plant to keep its tissues full of water, which is important as plants are made mostly of water)

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