Coco peat / Coir (5kg compressed bricks)


  • Eco-friendly
  • Stores water and nutrients
  • Effortless cultivation
  • Great water retention capacity
  • Perfect growing media for aquaponics and hydroponics
  • Fluffy and light weight
  • Infection/pest free
  • Perfect for you organic potting mix



Coco peat (5kg compressed bricks)

A healthy coconut fiber eco-system will become a home formultiple beneficial microbecommunities that will enjoy organic matter with plentiful oxygen. This creates what many of us strive to achieve: a more ecological approach to farming where bacteria, microbes and plants can live in harmony and both benefit from less disease and promoting growth in the root zone environment.

Coco peat is made from coconut husks and is a consistent media for long term growing. Coco peat is an organic substitute for soil and a perfect growing media in all applications. It is the compressed form of coco pith (de-fibered husk) and has great water retention capacity, which reduces the amount of water and fertilizer usage. Coco Peat is also known as coir, coco fiber or coir peat.Coco peat is sterilized and is pH inhert, making it the ideal grow media for aquaponics and hydroponics.

A 5kg coco peat brick expands to 50 liters of supreme growing media when 25 liters of water is added to it.


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