Iron Chelate (Fe-EDDHA)


Fe-EDDHA (6% iron) – Fully effective between pH levels in the high 5’s all the way up to the mid 9’s. This comes highly recommended by us here at Forest Friends Urban Farm.

Adding iron to your system:

  • Add directly to your system solution. In our system we apply iron at rate of 2mg/L every 2-3 weeks (1mg/L = 0.001g/L)
  • Apply Foliarly (Mixed with water and sprayed over plants.Foliar application is great for fast response)
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IronChelate (Fe-EDDHA)

Iron EDDHA is perfect for both young and mature aquaponics systems.Iron (Fe) is essential for forming chlorophyll (IN).


What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green coloring matter found mainly in the chloroplasts of plants that absorbs energy from sunlight to produce carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water during photosynthesis.

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