Together we can design a system for your needs; backyard, indoor/outdoor, patio, water garden or feature there are endless possibilities.


Be part of the new breed of sustainable farmers!

If you want a water garden that can guarantee you endless food production, happiness and gives you the option of growing your very own herbs, fruits and veggies at home then back yard aquaponics is for you. The sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle is rapidly shooting its roots. Loads of people all around the world have stepped into the world of aquaponics and are enjoying the numerous benefits of this new lifestyle.

Sustainable farming: In simplest terms, sustainable farming is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.

Self-sufficiency: Being able to meet consumption needs from your own production rather than by buying or importing.

What is Aquaponics?

It is the future of farming: A natural process which mimics lakes, ponds and rivers on earth.

It is a combination of aquaculture (raising fish or other aquatic animals)and hydroponics (growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers without soil).

From the fish tanks, fish waste is piped or pumped into hydroponic grow beds where plants or other food crops absorb the nutrients, cleaning and purifying the water. The clean water is piped or pumped back to the fish tanks, and the cycle is repeated.

In rivers where fish waste products are swept away and replaced with clean water, this is what we are achieving with aquaponics, a more natural process. We are inspired by nature.

Why you should have your very own Aquaponics system?

  1. Saves water and energy–Aquaponics helps you to be environmentally responsible as aquaponics uses 90% less water than conventional gardening or farming methods. Normally topping up your system once a week should be sufficient. You can run your system off the grid by using renewable energy like sun or wind power.
  2. Less labor – We all know how busy life gets. Aquaponics lets you enjoy more time tending to your plant and less time weeding or controlling pests. On average Aquaponics requires 50% to 60% less energy in comparison to conventional farming. Aquaponics requires no bending down and helps if you have back or knee problems.
  3. Space saving– You can grow indoors or outdoors giving you the option of growing multiple crops and fish in the same system. Planting crops three to four times the density than traditional farming methods. Also perfect for small homes, apartments, patios or just a beautiful water feature in your home or garden.
  4. Plants grow faster and healthier – In Aquaponics the plants are bathing in nutrient rich water and have a constant supply of nutrients making them grow much faster (having a quicker crop turn around) and healthier. The plants also have a low susceptibility to pest and diseases.
  5. Healthy way of living – You are growing your own food this is a step to leading a healthier way of life. Eating natural food that is chemical and pesticide free. This is for most people the number one reason to invest in aquaponics systems.
  6. Being more sustainable and self-sufficient– A natural process which mimics lakes, ponds and rivers on earth. It is so easy to reproduce in aquaponics: making your own cuttings, seed saving and breeding your own fish. No use of artificial fertilizers as the fish poop is being broken down to nutrients for the plants. You will have a combination of fresh vegetables and fish all year round living in harmony in a natural ecosystem.
  7. No weeding or Soil pest – Aquaponics eliminates the problem of weeding and soil born pathogens and diseases because you don’t use any soil. That means you are saving loads of your time and money in the long run.
  8. Aquaponics is pure joy! – You will capture the people’s imagination, awakening new ideas, senses and introducing them to this new amazing gardening method.