Welcome to

Forest Friends Urban Farm

Our small family is passionate about the environment, healthy food, and creating food security, and we’re here to help make a difference.


We are happy to introduce you to the wonders of home grown food through our Aquaponic Water Garden.

Become more self-sufficient, producing your very own vegetables and fish at home, for fresher, healthier, tastier meals.

This is a place where you can gather information and learn how to grow your own, as well as stock up on growing mediums, seed varieties and colourful salad greens.

We offer beekeeping information and workshops that include Farm Tours, Grow Your Own Food, and Introduction To Aquaponics for Small, Medium and Large Systems. Come and see our beautiful ecological garden and learn how a micro ecosystem in any scale is sustainable and will supply you with more nutrient dense crops. Learn about nature and how plants can be grown faster and easier, without the use of chemical agents that pollute your body.

We always love to see the surprised smile on people’s faces the first time they try our veggies.

So take an hour out of your day and let us see you smile.